Crystal experience is all about you. Our experienced talents and estheticians take you on a full sensory experience, starting with cup of Aveda Comforting Tea. Our highly personalized services in the world-class facility will be a truly transformative experience. Feel free to close your eyes and escape while you enjoy your journey to relaxation, rejuvenation, and refreshment. Enjoy free WIFI, authentic Korean cuisine to fresh American snacks conveniently located inside of Jjimjilbang or Co-ed area. The spa is a perfect date place where you can enjoy movies, shows, sports on our cinema-size screen. Beautiful interior and serene environment are found here at Crystal Spa.

Our talents will assist in selecting the right hair product, body product, make-up, or gift for your lifestyle and needs. Feel free to touch, smell and experience each product before you bring it home. Our talents are there to help you with your selection and educate on how to use each product effectively.

For treatment and spa reservations call 213.487.5600. Our experienced talents will help you decide the right service that fits your schedule and budget.

All body / skin / cosmetic products used in Crystal Spa are from the premium all-natural brand, Aveda.